Rage, unbelief, sorrow, confusion are just a few emotions many are feeling right now. Just a glance at your social media and you’ll see these and more dominating your feed. Some are educated and experienced observations while others are products of incited and un-informed group-speak. As we move forward, let’s consider a few things before posting in this current socio-political climate:

1.     Do I have all the information to make a well-informed conclusion? 

2.     Am I hastily responding to media sensationalism? Have I researched credible sources from different perspectives?

3.     Am I speaking from a position of reactionary indignation rather than seeking to fully understand the situation?

4.     Is what I’m posting pointing towards unity and reconciliation or is it further emphasizing division and dissent?

5.     Am I willing to be wrong?

In recent days, I’ve seen statements that seem to incite rather than inform. As Believers, we have a responsibility to understand the times that we live in and respond with a heart of reconciliation and understanding. As we share opinions to influence our culture, let them always represent the heart of the Gospel.